Concierge Internet Services* from Transformation Technologies
Dedicated & committed to fulfilling your internet needs.

• Person-to-Person • 24/7 • Time & Expenses •

Introductory "Immediate Response" Special – $125.00
Introductory Special

Consulting Services • Creative Solutions
Website Design, Registration & Hosting, Sustaining Support


*Concierge Cost: Flat rate of $235.00 US per hour plus travel, lodging and expenses at cost+3% as required, and any internet service charges – 40 hour retainer fee and contract required.

For UK customers: £155.00 per hour, includes VAT, no currancy exchange fees - remit directly into UK bank account.


Base rate for scheduled webdesign and internet services range from $65 to $180 per hour for a static website page, dynamic web sites, e-commerce, internation domain registration & utilization, and consulting services (£45 to £120 per hour, GBP, includes VAT).  Person-to-Person, you and designer, one-on-one; independent service provider working directly for you. Specific low cost DIY internet solutions are posted on     Regards, Andy


If you are looking for investigative services,
please do not include any details in your email
(include contact data only),
or call 161-9200-9200
(07092-89-9482 in UK)